Cool Roof

The name “cool roof” refers to how a white roof coating reduces the temperature at the top of your commercial building and greatly reduces structural expansion and contraction (thermal shock). How? A white surface is reflective – it causes the heat rays of the sun to bounce away, rather than be absorbed by dark materials. When we make the roof cooler the inside of a building becomes much cooler and practically eliminates thermal shock. Many business owners experience the cost of the roofing coating pays for itself in air conditioning savings.

Your cool roof will save you money on air conditioning.

Plus it “looks cool” – clean, modern and seamless.


The energy savings start day one with a reflective roof coating. Think about it. Most of the flat and low slope roofing that is common and popular on industrial, commercial, and institutional (schools, hospitals, etc.) buildings are black or dark grey. They are sponges for heat from the sun, and in our region there is a lot of sun to be soaked up. All of that heat has to go somewhere. It goes into the interior of your building, increasing cooling demand. It is the major reason air conditioning costs rise so much when our summers arrive. A cool roof interrupts that transfer of heat to the inside. Because the cooling demand drops by an average of 25% (according to government ENERGY STAR® estimates) those electricity savings add up quickly and start on the first day the coating is complete.

  • We use your existing roof and convert it to a cool roof
  • You avoid the cost and hassle of tear off of the old roof
  • You avoid the expense of a new roof for at least 10 and up to 20 years
  • The coating is warranted by the manufacturer to be waterproof for a decade and is renewable. This is a labor and materials warranty.

Some people consider converting their existing roof to a cool roof as “going green”. Green, of course, refers to the reduction in environmental impact that is the result of energy savings. We know that many companies are adopting green initiatives to reduce fossil fuel use. There is only one degree of separation between saving electricity and saving fossil fuels, because coal and oil are used to generate a lot of the electricity we use. With a cool roof your company can contribute significantly to its mandate to reduce energy consumption.

Here is how we convert your existing roof: The preparation is extensive, and is all part of the pricing package. From power washing, to leak and seam sealing on flat roofing, to rust proofing of metal roofs, we call the first phase “restoring” your roof. Then the entire roof is sealed with a seamless first coat. Some people like to see this process. The liquid polymer is flowed on, and then it dries and becomes seamless. A middle and top coat flow in the same way. One cool thing about a cool roof is that the membrane gets tougher as it cures, as opposed to beginning the march toward deterioration of a conventional roof.

Not only does the roof surface get remediated prior to the waterproof reflective protective coating, but also your building gets a makeover with a good looking, long lasting roof membrane.

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