EPDM Rubber Roofing

We can make EPDM rubber roofing leak proof with the application of a waterproof roof coatings for less than half the cost of a roof tear off and replacement. We convert old, black, hot rubber into restored, white, waterproof, cool roofing. This substantially reduces the demand for cooling on the interior of your building and significantly cuts the cost of air conditioning. We accomplish all of this while using the existing roof, postponing roof replacement by at least a decade.

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Here are the facts: EPDM is a popular single ply material on many low slope roofs. But there are two built-in problems and both cause it to develop leaks. EPDM rubber roofing shrinks. This allows it to pull away from flashing and allow water in. Secondly, the seams where the rubber sheets overlap do not stay sealed. Again, water enters.

Here is how waterproof roof coatings address both issues. After the liquid-applied polymer dries, the new surface is seamless. This takes care of the failure of the old rubber sheets to “stay stuck together”. The lips where EPDM rubber roofing sheets come together have been corrected with fiber-reinforced material embedded in a sealant and applied to every old seam. Then, the top coats go on.

The problem with shrinkage is solved by our specifically-engineered “elastomeric” coatings. The seamless membrane has elasticity, so that in temperature changes it has just enough flexibility to prevent separation from flashing. EPDM rubber roofing only “gives” in one direction – becoming smaller. Elastomeric coatings adjust in both directions. Heat causes any roofing to expand. Elasticity provides just enough pliability so that when temperatures cool, the membrane simply returns to its original shape. It does not get smaller, like the rubber, and so it does not pull apart from other materials. By the way, this give and take is not something you can actually watch as it occurs. It is happening at a minute level.

Coatings add energy efficiency to EPDM rubber roofing, which is black, like a tire. Dark materials absorb heat, and so on a roof the heat of the sun is taken in and then passed through to the interior of your building. We add a white coating, which is “reflective”. Rather than absorb heat, that solar energy is reflected away. The demand for cooling on the interior of buildings can be cut in half, and the average is a 25% reduction. You get a cool roof. Studies show that a cool white roof can pay for itself in electricity savings.

1 billion square feet of EPDM rubber roofing is installed annually, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association – NRCA—of which we are a member. But it is a 40 year old technology. A lot of those roofs are coming due for restoration or replacement. The process of re-roofing with durable, waterproof, elastomeric coatings involves restoring the roof before improving it. It is thoroughly cleaned of debris and anything that would affect adherence. Every attachment gets the same fiber reinforcement as seams. A base sealer fills every crack. The result is a restored surface; and then the final two coats go on. You can get at least another ten years of guaranteed leak free service from your current EPDM rubber roofing.

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