Leaky Roof

You have found a permanent leaky roof “fix”. We specialize in it, believe in it, and will make a believer out of you when you schedule a free roof survey of your commercial, industrial or retail building(s). The permanent solution to a leaky roof is a roof coating. It refurbishes your existing roof. Click here for a free roof survey A roof coating membrane gives a decade of watertight performance. Without it, a roof leak is inevitable as roofing ages, regardless of the materials yours is made of:

TPO rots
Rubber roofing splits
Metal roofing rusts and panels come loose
Asphalt shingle and rolls deteriorate
Tile cracks
Flat roofs pond
Weather takes a toll
Seams lift and separate

Once you discover a leaky roof, you are in for a repeating cycle of leaks and fixes. But a patch in one place doesn’t prevent a repeat in another. Here’s how a roof coating stops the cycle on the entire surface: <br><br> As the existing roof is prepared for the polymer coating, every current and potential leak is sealed, reinforced with a fabric strengthener, and then sealed again. Every inch of seams get the same sealant treatment. In essence you get the surface of your leaky roof restored in preparation for the application of the coating, which flows on as a liquid and then dries. Most roofs get a base coat, which seals, and then a core coat, and finally the top coat. The combination of the preparation of your current roof, and the layers of coatings, provides proven waterproofing that is warranted to prevent a leaky roof for 10 years! Here’s how roof coatings protect against sun damage. So much of the deterioration of most roofing materials is due to the relentless amount of UV rays beating on the material. A roof coating is impenetrable by UV rays. There is a significant bonus to the UV protections. A roof coating is white. The sun’s rays cannot penetrate, and also they bounce off of the polymer coating. This keeps the roof markedly cooler, which keeps the interior of a building much cooler. Many people see a one-quarter to one-half drop in the demand for cooling within their industrial, commercial or retail building. Fixing a leaky roof has never paid you back. Normally it is an expense. Not with a roof coating.<br><br> It is a small wonder that innovative roof coatings are sweeping the roofing industry. The opportunity to add years of useful, waterproof life to an existing roof is cost efficient, features positive amortization (payback from energy savings) and has a demonstrable track record of success.

  • · 10 year watertight guarantee
  • · Converts your existing leaky roof—no tear off and replacement
  • · Makes it energy saving
  • · Stops UV ray deterioration
  • · Looks cool and contemporary
When you schedule your free roof survey at your property, we will explain in detail how a roof coating can address problems with your specific roof. As we install it, you will be pleased with the lack of disruption to your business and with the relative speed in which the project is completed. Fix your leaky roof for 10 years or more! Click here for a free roof survey

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