Roof Membrane

What is a roof membrane and how can it save you money?

Let’s start with the money saving part. A membrane can delay the expense of a replacement roof for 10 years or more. It will reduce air conditioning costs on the interior of your building. It is waterproof, ruling out chronic leak repair and costly water damage.
What is a roof membrane? It is a specially-engineered polymer, which is applied in liquid form onto the surface of your existing roof. It is seamless once it dries. Another term used to describe it is “roof coating”. The word “membrane” means “a pliable sheet or layer”. With this strong, waterproof layer (or coating) adhered to your current roof, you get a low maintenance restored surface that defies the need to replace a failing roof.
A roof membrane postpones expensive tear off and replacement of your roofing Click here for a free roof survey.

The process of applying a roof coating involves total roof refurbishment before the membrane-forming layer is flowed-on. If there are leaks, cracks or bubbles, they are fixed, filled and removed. The entire surface is pressure washed to remove any material that might get in the way of adherence of the roof membrane to the surface of the existing roof. Every seam, screw and flaw is treated with a sealant, and then a fabric reinforcing material goes on top of that, and then a second coat of sealant goes on, so that the reinforcing fabric is embedded permanently. Next, a base coat is applied in liquid form, and is allowed to dry. A core coat comes next, and when it is cured the top layer goes on. In actuality, a roof membrane is four layers of protection. All of these steps put to rest the idea some people have that coatings throw good roofing material on top of bad. We install superior material on top of restored roofing.

When we go to properties to provide a free roof survey, we have the opportunity to “knock down” other misconceptions about a roof membrane:

  • Some people think it sounds sort of medical. You could say it is: it treats problems in a roof and cures them.
  • Some people think it must be see-though. Far from it. It is an opaque titanium white.
  • Some people think a roof membrane must be “free floating”. No. It is fully adhered to the existing roofing material.
  • Some people assume a membrane must be rigid. A roof coating is elastomeric – it stretches and returns to form in temperature changes and as buildings settle.
  • Some people think a membrane sounds ugly. In fact it is clean, white and very contemporary.

Almost everyone thinks the energy savings are a good thing – with good reason. The top layer is white, which makes it reflective. The heat of the sun reflects off of the roof rather than seep into the interior of the building. It is not unusual for a commercial building to experience a 25% drop in cooling demand. In Florida and the coastal communities we serve, this adds up during our long, hot air conditioning season.

Call for a free roof survey at your property. Let us determine how a roof membrane will benefit you. Click here for a free roof survey.

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