Roof Waterproofing

The best roof waterproofing is a roof coating. Our company name has the words “Roofing & Waterproofing” in it to reflect the fact that we can deliver both, in one step. Our products restore existing roofing, make it watertight, and add energy savings. You escape the world of leaks and enter a universe of 10 year warranted leak free service. For expert roof waterproofing systems Click here for a free roof survey. You get a refurbished leak-free roof that postpones the need to peel off your current roof and replace it for a decade or more. If your roof has already sprung leaks, they will be sealed and reinforced. Then top layers of specially formulated roof coatings are applied, providing unparalleled roof waterproofing that costs 50% to 75% less than constructing a whole new roof. Our coating systems are ideal for most commercial and industrial roofing materials:

•Modified bitumen
•PVC roofing
•TPO roofs
•EPDM rubber
•Asphalt sheeting
•Flat roofs
•Low slope
•What kind of roof do you have?

The concept of coating a roof to keep it watertight makes logical sense. If your aim is to keep water out, a complete covering with an acrylic and/or polyurethane polymer membrane is ideal. Our coatings are applied in fluid form, which also makes perfect sense because it spreads and dries into seamless protection. If it were installed in sheets, there would be seams that could fail. There are no seams to spring leaks! The chemistry behind our roof waterproofing solutions makes your existing, troublesome roof leak free. The membrane is impenetrable by UV rays, which eliminates rapid deterioration, which is yet another source of water intrusion. Our products are elastomeric, so they gently expand and contract in temperature changes. This prevents the membrane from pulling away from walls and vents and other roof protrusions, erasing one more potential leak source.

Roof waterproofing systems keep water out, and they keep the heat out of your building. Our watertight coatings are white, so they reflect rather than attract the heat of the sun. A dark roof takes in heat, which is displaced down into a building. With a white roof coating, the temperature atop your building decreases so dramatically that demand falls for interior cooling. In essence you get roof waterproofing for free, because the energy savings pay back the cost of the coating system.

Some building owners and managers ask if it makes sense to put a new top layer on a surface that is aging and failing. The answer is in how the existing roof is prepared in order to adhere to the coating system. It is restored. Any leaks and potential leak spots are treated with a sealant and reinforced with a fiber reinforced waterproof membrane. This preparatory roof waterproofing treatment goes on every seam; every fastener or attachment; every place that the roof meets a wall or protrusions. Only then are final waterproof reflective coats applied. Your roof is watertight. That’s why manufacturers confidently offer 10 year warranties.

Schedule a free roof survey to determine the roof waterproofing system that is right for your commercial or industrial building Click here for a free roof survey.

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