Tin Roof

An actual tin roof isn’t seen much anymore. It has been replaced with stronger steel, aluminum or a composite of galvanized steel and aluminum. But a lot of people still refer to their existing metal roofing as “tin”. So as we explain how we restore and improve metal we’ll call it “tin” too.

We fix, seal and then coat a tin roof. This extends the useful life of the existing surface for 10 years or more. click here For a free roof survey of your tin roof.

Our specialization is metal roof coating. We promote it because we are confident in it. So are the major manufacturers, who offer 10 year leak free waterproofing warranties. Why is there so much confidence that a roof coating will fix present roof failure and eliminate future problems? Part of it is the exceptional chemistry of the polymer coatings. The other part is the restoration of the tin roof.

The metal is painstakingly prepared to adhere to the roof coating system. This begins with power washing and extends to rust removal and application of a corrosion resisting solution. We pay close attention to screws and attachments because these spots are the frequent source of leaks. Each is tightened or replaced, and then caulked and sealed.

Since the advent of the tin roof, seams have been prone to leaks and in spite of improved metals the “joints” are still troublesome on an uncoated roof.

  1. Every yard of seam gets particular treatment
  2. Any open ridges are caulked
  3. Next a fiber reinforced waterproof sealant bridges each seam and metal transition.

  4. There are four watertight layers of protection atop the restored roof surface. Two fluid applied waterproofing base coats are applied and when dry becomes a water sealing overlay on the tin roof. Then two layers of liquid-to-dry reflective waterproof finish roof membrane is next for additional waterproofing. It bonds completely to the base coat. The top layers are titanium white and reflective. You will see a seamless membrane that makes your building look more contemporary. The reflectiveness of a roof coating is very important. The old tin roof and modern metals get very hot in our tropical sun. Because a roofing coating membrane is white, it reflects a major amount of the sun’s heat off of the surface. This cools the roof. It cools the interior of your building. The result is solid energy savings in any commercial or industrial building. That’s why white coatings have the government ENERGY STAR® approval. The roof begins paying for itself in utility savings. Some business owners and managers report they recouped the full cost in seven years or less. Because your restored tin roof is watertight, there is no chance that wind-driven rain from tropical storms can penetrate. You will spend 50% to 75% less than it would cost to tear off the old metal and replace it, with no disruption to productivity on site. We’ll take a look at your “tin” roof – or any metal surface. Let us demonstrate how a roof coating is the affordable option to roof replacement. Click here For a free roof survey of your tin roof.


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