White Roof

A white roof saves energy – a lot of it – simply because it is the color white.

  • White reflects the heat of the sun. The warmth bounces away. The roof stays cooler.
  • Because heat is not absorbed by the white roof, it does not pass into the interior of a building or home.
  • With the interior less hot, demand for cooling drops.
  • So, electricity is saved because the air conditioning does not work as much or as hard.
  • Cooling demand has been cut from 25% to 50% in actual buildings, not in tests.
  • Electricity cost savings drop to the bottom line.

  • You do NOT have to buy a new roof. We use innovative white roof coatings. Click here for a free roof survey. We have the products and the technology to convert your existing dark, heat absorbing roof into an energy saver. In the process we restore it, improve it, and give you 10 more years of trouble free service. You are able to put off a replacement roof. Problems with leaks and unsightly deterioration are solved by white roof coatings.

    • Roof coatings are waterproof. They look fantastic! Your building gets a clean, contemporary appearance. The upgrade generally pays for itself in the savings you will see in air conditioning costs as well as in the elimination of maintenance and roof repair expenses.
    • We can’t think of very many other things that save you money, postpone spending big money, solve a problem, and serve the environment. Too good to be true? Too good to pass up!

    • Here’s how a white roof coating solves so many problems: A failing roof leaks, may be coming apart, and if it is dark certainly gets very hot at the surface. In order to apply the liquid polymer that forms the white waterproof membrane, the existing roof gets a “makeover”. Leaks are filled. Cracks are sealed. Seams are given triple layers of strength. Every flaw and fault is addressed. On top of the restored surface of your existing roof, a waterproof liquid flows on, filling every crevice and drying to form a smooth, seamless, durable membrane.

      • We have white roof coatings specifically formulated for various roof materials, including Metal, PVC, TPO, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, Built Up, singly ply flat roof styles. They are all popular materials that begin to leak chronically as they age. Tear off and replacement is expensive and disruptive. Preparation for and application of a coating is affordable, requires less labor and little disruption.

      We are proud to offer products that are “green” – earth friendly, while being budget-friendly for businesses. Our enthusiasm for roof coatings, and for white roofs, has prompted us to develop partnerships with the major manufacturers of coating products. We are proud to be authorized representatives of Elastomeric Roofing Systems Cool Roof Restoration Systems, American Weatherstar Coatings, Neogard Construction Coatings Direct Bond Roof Coating Solutions, Topps Coatings and others for Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair. These on-going relationships enable us to find a waterproofing, elastomeric, energy efficient roof coating to fit any needs and most budgets. A white roof coating is good for the earth and great for the bottom line

      Click here for a free roof survey.

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