Metal Tile

Metal tile is a vast improvement over conventional clay and concrete composites. You get unprecedented durability and typically a lifetime warranty. You sacrifice none of the distinctive Spanish and Italian inspired beauty. In fact, homeowners say that it looks the same or even better. But no traditional material can match the long-lasting strength. We are your local source of metal tile. We install on new construction and replacement roofing. See for yourself why metal tile is the exceptional alternative to conventional clay or concrete tile. Click here for a free roof survey.

Stone-coated steel has the same classic look as concrete and clay tile, but is a vast improvement over these roof materials. The premium steel materials are pressed in the shape of a tile profile, and then covered with an industrial grade epoxy coating. Crushed granite stone chips are then embedded in the epoxy and baked on in an oven. The cured finish is then covered with a clear acrylic for long term durability and impressive curb appeal.

Strength is another reason to consider the stone-coated metal tile when deciding on a roof system. These metal tile panels are installed using painted stainless steel screws that not only fasten them to a wood batten system but also fasten each panel to the next. This gives an exceptional wind uplift rating that meets Miami-Dade wind uplift requirements of 150 MPH. They also have the highest impact rating of any roof material (class 4). This means they can survive impacts of 2-1/2" hail or wind-born debris without any fear of penetration.

The Maintenance free design impresses many of our customers and is very much a benefit when deciding on a roof system. The stone-coated steel roofing does not crack, break, or move once installed. It is also designed to be a water tight system vs. traditional tile roofing that relies on a sub - roof to waterproof the structure. This sub - roof will eventually fail and all the tile will have to be removed for replacement of the sub - roof. Stone-coated steel is designed to be a watertight, permanent roof system with no maintenance over it's life.

Did you know that weight should always be a consideration when choosing a roof system for your home? Many people don't understand how heavy a concrete or clay tile roof system can be and the additional strain it can create on the structure of a building. This is especially important in re-roofing a home that has not been built to accommodate the additional weight of concrete or clay. Stone-coated steel weighs on average 1-1/2 LBS per square foot. Concrete or clay can weigh as much as 10 to 12 LBS per square foot. On an average home, a concrete or clay tile roof can weigh the equivalent of a tractor-trailer truck on your roof. This weight can do serious damage to your home if it isn't designed to hold the weight. That's why stone coated metal is a great choice for re-roofing. It also helps save money on new construction due to different engineering designs and building materials for the home.

Here are some other positive features of metal tile roofing:

  • Metal tile won’t crack, chip or crumble like clay or concrete
  • Most products we install come with a lifetime warranty
  • It is lighter than conventional materials
  • Your roof will withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour
  • Steel delivers the highest possible impact resistance (hail or wind born debris) rating
  • Energy efficient design
  • Maintenance free design
  • Great looks and curb appeal
  • Appeals to many homeowner's associations that have traditional tile specified in bi-laws.
  • Large selection of traditional and non-traditional colors available.
  • Metal tile won’t burn. The fire rating is the highest possible
  • No salt water exclusions in warranty
We are a company that has dedicated our business to educating the public on the benefits of stone coated metal roofing and hope that you've found this informative. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a free roof survey click here.

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