Traditional Metal Panels

Metal roofing is rapidly becoming the premier roofing material choice for homeowners throughout the U.S. - especially in areas where extreme weather and intense sun are common. You may be asking yourself why? It's because of the superior strength and longevity that metal roofing provides. Plus, it is considered one of the most energy efficient roof systems available.

However, strength, longevity, and energy efficiency are just part of the equation when deciding what is best for your home. Metal roofing also provides an inspired beauty and architectural detail that compliments most any structure.

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When considering a metal roof system think of it as an investment in your property. These roof systems are commonly known as permanent roofs in comparison to common asphalt disposable roofs. Most people do not replace the walls of their home every 12 to 15 years; but they will replace their traditional asphalt roof in the same time frame. Why is that? Investing in a quality metal roof system will break the endless cycle of replacing disposable roofs; and offer peace of mind that only a quality permanent roof system can provide. Plus, you're doing a great service for our environment by not sending more shingles into our already crowded landfills.

There are several varieties of metal roofs available. Each one has a different look and price point to meet the needs of most homeowners. Our residential photo galleries are divided into two categories for traditional metal roofs to help separate the varieties and avoid confusion.

The first category is residential exposed fastener. These types of panels are considered the traditional panels that have been used for many years and most people have heard them called the "Key West" look or even a "tin roof." These series of panels were typically mill finished which means without paint although they are now offered in in a virtual rainbow of colors. They do have fasteners that penetrate the top of the panels but all of the fasteners are painted to match the panel colors. Synthetic rubber washers are used on all fasteners for long lasting durability and a water tight seal. These types of panels are typically considered the most economical metal roof systems.

The second category is residential standing seam. This type of panel is designed with little to no exposed fasteners. Each panel is fastened to the roof deck and then the next panel overlays and locks down on the existing one to hide any fasteners. They have a taller but slimmer rib design that provides clean lines flowing from ridge to the eave. Standing seam panels are commonly manufactured from a heavier gauge of steel and a premium kynar paint finish is standard on these panels.

Here are some of the benefits of traditional metal roofing:
  • Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than traditional roofing.
  • Wind uplift ratings meet or exceed all coastal wind uplift requirements.
  • Class A fire rating (will not burn).
  • More energy efficient than traditional asphalt roofing.
  • Considered a maintenance free, permanent roof.
  • Distinct beauty and architectural detail.
  • Class 4 impact rating.

We are a company that has dedicated our business to educating the public on the benefits of metal roofing and hope that you've found this informative. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a free roof survey click here.

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