Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial waterproofing is the foundation of the roofing services we provide to commercial and industrial customers. We believe that the most effective way to make a roof and the building under it watertight – is with roof coatings. It is a clear-cut concept with clear results. The concept: apply an acrylic and/or polyurethane reinforced polymer membrane atop a roof. Formulate the coating to go on as a liquid and dry into a seamless windproof layer. The results:

  • Commercial waterproofing with a track record of success – and a 10 year renewable labor and materials warranty to back it up
  • The opportunity to keep an existing roof in service and leak free for an additional decade and longer
  • A roof that is white, which keeps the surface cooler, reducing air conditioning demand in the building below. Energy savings are big.
  • A roofing membrane that is impermeable by industrial chemicals and damaging UV rays A savings of half to three-fourths of the cost of tearing off and putting on a new roof

For commercial waterproofing of roofs – You want a roof coating system

You will be joining a commercial and industrial rush to waterproof roof coatings. It is the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry, and it has been a specialty of our company since coatings were developed 20 years ago. They keep getting better! We want our customers to have the best, and if there were some other, even more effective commercial waterproofing product out there, we’d provide it. It’s not there. Our customers find that every expectation they have has been met and often exceeded with the quality manufacturer products we offer, coupled with the installation technique we have perfected.

We are often asked why roof coatings are so effective.
There are several reasons.

We are often asked why roof coatings are so effective. There are several reasons. One of the most significant is the fact that the surface of your existing roof is restored; and this is just prep work! If a roof has leaks, they are sealed. Every inch of seam gets a sealant, reinforced with a polyester fabric strengthener. The surface is thoroughly pressure washed to ensure that nothing interrupts the adherence of the commercial waterproofing membrane to the roof.

On top of that, the effectiveness of roof coating systems is a result of the technology and advanced formulation the manufacturers invest in their products. They have never rested on the praise for their record of success. Through the years we have seen new products, improved products, and product lines that allow us to provide commercial waterproofing on nearly every kind of roof: metal, modified bit, TPO and PVC, rubber and more.

A third good reason why roof coatings work so well is that we bring massive experience to the task. Done right, your roof coating system will deliver at least 10 years of watertight performance. It is not unusual to see even more years of trouble free commercial waterproofing than one decade. Our teams are expert at the all-important prep work. They understand how the coatings are formulated to work using manufacturer specifications for application. And they know they are delivering a product that works.

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