Metal Roof Repair

Conventional metal roof repair is temporary. You can have a long lasting solution. We use a re-roofing system that keeps the metal as the base, and adds a seamless, pliable membrane atop the panels. It is uniquely engineered for galvanized steel, aluminum and it looks fantastic! You keep the distinctiveness of metal and add the durability of a polymer roof system. You can postpone roof replacement for years. We provide long term metal roof repair – coatings – for most commercial and select residential roofing styles. Click here for a free roof survey. Our commercial re-roofing system is as attractive as it is effective. You can eliminate bothersome metal roof repair with a waterproof coating system that is warranted not to leak for at least 10 years. For all intents and purposes, we restore your roof as part of the process of readying it to adhere to the coating and to become thoroughly waterproof.

Rust removal is a frequent metal roof repair. Our first step is to pressure wash the surface to blast off any existing corrosion, and then we apply a rust control formula that prevents further rust formation. One of the most common points that metal roofing leaks is around fasteners and screws or nails. The reason is that buildings settle and wind can get under the panels, loosening the fasteners. The preparatory metal roof repair we perform tightens or replaces loose fasteners and seals them with a strong waterproof sealant.
The other leak prone area is the seams, which we also address during the preparation stages. Over every seam we apply a tough synthetic fiber reinforced waterproof membrane that will not tear. The same process is used on flashing and any surface penetrations such as vents or HVAC. As you can see, we eliminate flashing failure, which is a common reason for metal roof repair.
After waterproofing every fastener, seam, and metal flashing transition the entire roof surface has two protective waterproof reflective finish coats. It dries (cures) to a seamless, white, and tough waterproof membrane. The white color is very important, because white is reflective. It is sometimes called a “cool roof” and that describes it well. The new surface atop the metal does not absorb the heat of the sun, but rather directs it off of the roof. This results in a dramatically cooler roof. Some people think metal is a “hot roof”. A reflective roof coating takes care of that. Our industry routinely hears from customers who have cut their interior air conditioning costs from 25% to 50%. With that amount of savings the roof pays for itself.

A roof coating is metal roof repair and a new roof in one Click here for a free roof survey.

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