Metal Shake Roof

Wood shake roofs were some of the first roofing materials used on homes and businesses and can still be found in historic districts and certain areas of the country. They offer a very interesting and unique architectural detail that has been difficult to duplicate until recently. Enter stone-coated steel roofing.

Stone coated metal shake panels offer the rustic look associated with wood shakes without all of the negatives associated with wood.

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Wood shake roofs have always had certain problems associated with wood and the greatest is fire. Many states do not allow the use of wood on roofs - especially if the region is prone to wildfires. Many times during a wildfire, a hot ember will land on a roof and can catch the house on fire. One of the major benefits of stone-coated steel roofing is that it will not burn.

Stone-coated shake panels will not rot, chip, curl, fade, attract insects, birds or other animals, or burn. In other words, you can have the distinguished good looks without the worries.

Many of our past customers actually used the metal shakes as an upgrade to traditional shingle roofs. The metal shakes offer a higher profile and greater dimensional detail than a common shingle roof. This look compliments many traditional homes along with some that have more of a rustic design.

Here are more of the benefits to using stone-coated metal shake panels:

  • Class A fire rating (will not burn)
  • Unique architectural detail.
  • Can be used on a new construction homes or re-roofs.
  • Lighter than wood
  • Considered a permanent maintenance free roof system
  • Wind uplift ratings meet Miami-Dade wind codes of 150 MPH
  • Class 4 impact rating - warranted against 2-1/2" hail or wind born debris
  • Lifetime material warranty (no salt water exclusions)
  • Residential or commercial applications

We are a company that has dedicated our business to educating the public on the benefits of stone coated metal roofing and hope that you've found this informative. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a free roof survey click here.

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